Hi and welcome to Malefactor Comics. We specialize in comics that delve into various questions about morality, philosophy, humanity, and war. We like to think that through a deeper look at characters, their motivations, their traumas, and the various happenings that led them to where they are now, we can question what we know and get a better understanding of how people work and learn to have more empathy for others’ situations.

Then again, we also just try to have fun with it.

-Lord Arik


Malefactor Comics sells print and digital copies of comics made by founder Lord Arik and, at times, additional associates. The work is sold through various vendors as well as to fans and readers at comic conventions.

The first original comic series published by Malefactor Comics is Project Blackfire, which was originally published as a free webcomic in 2016 and is now being sold in print and digital formats.

Our Comics

At the moment, all of our focus is on continuing to create new content for Project Blackfire.

Project Blackfire:

It’s been a long time since young, intelligent biochemist Sean Price became the notorious super-villain known as Dark Flame. Alongside his loyal associates Blizzor, Silent Blade, and the mysterious entity known as Xuferious, he has made a name for himself as a powerful and cunning criminal, but behind this guise of intimidation and brutality, and a fearsome nature, he is a broken man. After three years of running bank heists, he plans a project with a much larger goal in mind.


Contact us at lordarikcomics@gmail.com